Keep your logo simple

The best logos are unique, simple, and strong representations of the brands they identify. To those seeing your signage, letterhead, packaging, ads, brochures, website pages, and any other communication that carries a visual representation of your brand, your logo is the face of your organization.

Keep your logo simple. Simple logo designs work best for a number of

• They stand out in the sea of visual complexity and chaos that exists in today’s busy and image-saturated marketplace.

• They enjoy longer lives than complicated logos that go out of style and require redesign to keep them in step with market tastes.

• They contribute more significantly to a brand’s awareness and recognition than logos that need frequent and significant updates. Look at the long-standing logos of well-known and leading brands, such as Nike, Google, and the Red Cross; they display an amazing amount of visual restraint.


Design a logo that can be presented consistently across all communication channels. You want your logo to show well on everything from business checks to vehicle signage, web pages, video screens, apparel, and anywhere else you choose to display it. Don’t sign off on any design until you know that it will look good large or small, and in color or black
and white.

Don’t do it yourself unless you’re a design professional or you want your logo to look like it represents a hands-on business that, in fact, created its own logo. Self-made logos are kind of like self-made TV ads; most of them are obvious for their lack of polish.

However, if your aspirations for your business involve a long life and a broadly recognized reputation
for quality in a competitive field, investing in a professionally designed logo is a moderate down payment on your dreams.

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